One Hour Teeth Whitening Treatments in West Orange, NJ

Brighten your smile in just one visit

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Do you wish your smile was brighter? Chusid Dental Group uses Zoom® professional teeth whitening system to help whiten our patient’s teeth. This system minimizes the post-operative sensitivity that is apparent with many other bleaching systems. Coffee, smoking, age, and certain medications can all cause tooth discoloration, but with the Zoom® teeth whitening system, your smile will sparkle now and for years to come!


Before and after photo of Zoom teeth whiteningPatients find that Zoom®:

• Achieves the longest-lasting whiteness compared to other whitening systems
• Gives teeth natural brilliance and uniformity
• Is safe and effective
• Is administered by dental professionals

Zoom® takes approximately one hour to perform, and you will go home with a naturally brilliant smile!

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