Propel Your Smile with Propel® Orthodontics in West Orange, NJ

Realign your teeth faster with accelerated orthodontics

What is Propel Accelerated Orthodontics?

Propel is a new technology in dentistry that speeds up the required treatment time for traditional braces and clear aligners. Propel stimulates the bone surrounding the teeth which allows the teeth to move more quickly and with more predictability into the desired position. This amazing new technology can allow most patients to finish their orthodontic treatment in about half the time!

Why Choose Propel® Orthodontics?

If you are suffering from crooked teeth, gaps or spaces, overcrowding, or bite problems, you may not want to wait the usual two years to finish an orthodontic treatment and see results. With Propel you don’t have to! Propel allows many patients to complete their orthodontic treatment in less than a year. If you already have braces or Invisalign®, no problem! We can still add Propel to your treatment plan to drastically reduce the amount of time you have left.

In addition to getting you to the smile you’ve always wanted in about half the time, you will also cut down on the number of appointments you need and spend a lot less time in the dental chair. Don’t just wait for your perfect smile, Propel toward it!

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