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If you’re missing one or more teeth from your mouth and you’re searching for a durable, permanent solution, consider implant dentistry with Michael Chusid, DMD, Jonathan Salazar, DMD, and the team at Chusid Dental Group in West Orange, New Jersey. Dental implants are titanium tooth roots placed in your jawbone, where they act as a strong base for artificial teeth. The practice offers both implant placement and implant restorations. Practicing restorations since 1986, there is no one as qualified and experienced as Chusid Dental Group. To get started, reach out over the phone today.

Implant Dentistry Q & A

What is implant dentistry?

Implant dentistry is a branch of dentistry focused on replacing missing teeth with comfortable, durable, and natural-looking prosthetic teeth. 

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made from medical-grade titanium. Shaped like screws, Chusid Dental Group places them in your jawbone, where they eventually fuse with the natural bone. 

How long does implant dentistry take?

Implant dentistry, specifically the process for placing initial implants, can take between three and nine months. It requires several steps, including:

The initial consultation

This is the first step of any implant dentistry procedure. During your initial consultation, the team examines your teeth and mouth. After taking X-rays or 3D images, they discuss your implant options with you and create a plan of action.

Implant placement

During this step, your team performs implant procedure and places the implants in your jawbone. Though most patients report that surgery is less painful than they expect, to ensure your comfort, Chusid Dental Group offers local anesthesia or IV sedation. 

After the procedure, expect some discomfort including: bruising, swelling, minor pain, and/or minor bleeding.


The term osseointegration refers to the process of your implants and jawbone growing together. This usually takes a few months.

Abutment placement

Once the implants heal, your team installs connectors, called abutments, on top of the implants. Abutments hold and support artificial teeth.

Artificial tooth design and placement

After your gums heal, the practice can begin the final stage of implant dentistry: the tooth design and placement.

To create the perfect artificial teeth, your team first makes impressions of your mouth and existing teeth. They then create artificial teeth that match your natural teeth’s color, shape, and size. These teeth may be crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Finally, your team places the teeth by attaching them to the abutments.

How do you care for dental implants?

Look after your dental implants like you would your natural teeth. Brush and floss and schedule regular checkups and cleanings at Chusid Dental Group.

Implant-supported teeth don’t decay, and they’re long-lasting, but they aren’t immune to wear-and-tear, and sometimes they require restoration. 

Fortunately, Chusid Dental Group has been performing implant restorations since 1986. If your dental implants malfunction or need updating, the practice can help you. 

Are you interested in learning more about implant dentistry? If so, reach out to the experts at Chusid Dental Group over the phone today.