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If your gums have pulled back from your teeth, your oral health is at risk. To protect yourself and restore your gumline, reach out to Michael Chusid, DMD, Jonathan Salazar, DMD, and the team at Chusid Dental Group, located in West Orange, New Jersey, for gum therapy. The practice is one of the few to use the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST), a suture-free and scalpel-free surgical procedure that restores your gumline with less pain, less trauma, and shorter downtime. To learn more about PST with Chusid Dental Group, call today.

Gum Therapy Q & A

What is gum therapy?

Gum therapy is a type of therapy focused on restoring the health of receding gum tissue. Chusid Dental Group is one of the first practices in the world to offer the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST) for gum recession. 

The term gum recession refers to the loss of gum tissue along the gumline. Gum recession happens for many reasons, among them:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Aging
  • Overly aggressive tooth brushing

Gum recession exposes the roots of your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to problems such as tooth decay and issues below the gumline. To maintain your oral health, you must maintain your gumline. 

How does PST gum therapy work?

Invented by John Chao, DDS, PST gum therapy is performed without the use of scalpels or sutures. Instead, the team performs this surgical procedure by making a tiny hole in the gum tissue with a needle and then loosening and guiding healthy gum tissue over to the receded section of the tooth.

Full of collagen, the healthy gum tissue stabilizes the gum flap and prompts the body to create new collagen-rich tissue in that area. 

Note that PST gum therapy does not cure gum disease, but rather only corrects the gumline. If you’re suffering with gum disease, Chusid Dental Group must treat that first before proceeding with gum therapy. 

Does PST gum therapy hurt?

PST therapy is scalpel-free and suture-free and uses special instruments to perform its delicate maneuvers. Thus, it produces minimal postoperative discomfort, swelling, and bleeding.

In contrast, traditional gum therapy requires that a dental team use soft tissue or donor tissue grafts to painstakingly rebuild the gumline. To hold the tissue grafts in place, they must suture them in place. Over time, as the gums heal, the tissue grafts grow into the existing tissue.

PST gum therapy is much less painful than traditional grafting gum therapy, and it produces quicker results, requires less downtime, and presents lower risks.

If your gums are receding, don’t ignore the change. Instead, reach out to the expert team at Chusid Dental Group to learn about gum therapy. To schedule your consultation, call the practice today.