Dental Implants in West Orange, NJ

Replace a missing tooth with a dental implant for a smile you can be proud to show off!

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If you have lost a tooth due to accident, injury, or illness, a dental implant might be a good option to consider to replace a missing tooth. A dental implant looks and feels like a natural tooth and is made of medical-grade titanium. At Chusid Dental Group, our highly skilled West Orange cosmetic dentist can help you fix your smile and give you something to smile about!

Am I a candidate for a dental implant?

Our West Orange dental team believes that every patient deserves to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Dental implants are not right for everyone, but they may be a great choice for patients who:

  • Are missing one or more teeth
  • Have heavily decayed teeth
  • Have healthy gums, mouth tissue, and adequate bone density
  • Have a fully developed jawbone or have already had a bone graft
  • Are unable to wear removable dentures
  • Want to restore the natural functions of their smile
  • Do not have diabetes, heart disease, or have not had radiation therapy to the head or neck

How are dental implants made?

Very high resolution 3d rendering of a dental implantDental implants are composed of medical-grade titanium. Titanium is a very tough metal and is used in fighter jets and commercial aircraft because of its durability and resistance to corrosion. Titanium doesn’t rust, corrode, and is stronger than steel, so it will hold your crowns and/or dentures in place without much difficulty.

Most of all, titanium is biocompatible with human bone. Biocompatibility means the bone will grow around the implant and minimizes the change for rejection.

How long is the procedure?

The entire process can take between three and six months to complete. The first step is for our West Orange cosmetic dentist to surgically place the titanium implant into the jawbone, where the missing tooth is located. Following the surgery, typically takes three to six months for the bone to grow around the implant and for the area to properly heal. Once this is complete, Dr. Chusid will fit the crown over the implant, giving you a final result that looks like a natural tooth.

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