Sedation Dentistry Explained

There are many patients who suffer anxiety when considering getting their dental needs taken care of.  For these patients sedation dentistry allows them to get treatment in a relaxed and comfortable way.  There are many levels of anxiety, but luckily, here at Chusid Dental Group we have multiple solutions available to allow everyone to get their dental care comfortably.   Let’s go over the various methods of sedation available:

First, there is Nitrous Oxide sedation, also called “laughing gas”.  This would be for someone with mild to moderate anxiety.  The patient will breathe in the laughing gas,(often our patients will bring in headphones and have their own private concert while getting their work done) and get their treatment.  They can hear the dentist, they will receive a local anesthetic to insure that they feel no discomfort and they will be relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.  The laughing gas leaves the patient’s system after it is turned off, so they can drive home after the appointment. 

For patients with a little more anxiety there is oral sedation.  This is a very popular way to get dental treatment.  For this type of sedation the patient will take a pill about an hour prior to their appointment.  The patient can also take a pill the night prior to the appointment if they wish to ensure a good night’s sleep.  The patient will be very calm for their appointment.  They will receive a local anesthetic to ensure no discomfort and their treatment will be totally relaxed and comfortable.  The patient will need to arrange for a ride to and from the dental office and they should plan on no activities for the rest of the day as they will continue to be calm and relaxed for the whole day.

Intravenous (IV) sedation is for patients who are even a little more anxious.  We have an anesthesiologist come in and administer an IV solution which completely relaxes the patient and all of their dental needs can be taken care of in the visit.  Local anesthetic is sometimes used and sometimes not, depending on the procedure.  Patients have frequently described this as the most comfortable they have been “in 20 years”.  The patient will need a ride to and from the office and rest is prescribed for the rest of the day.

If you have anxiety about getting dental treatment done, one of these treatments will certainly work to alleviate your stress and anxiety about dental treatments.  Here at Chusid Dental, we have treated patients like this for years and years, successfully and with no discomfort to the patient.  So, DO NOT let dental fear or phobias stop you from getting the care you need.  Call  us to inquire which treatment is best for you.

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