Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign braces move your crooked teeth into proper alignment.  Braces are most often used for two reasons.  First, esthetics ( the way your teeth look).  Patients get tired of having crooked, unesthetic smiles and want to straighten their teeth so that they look good.  This is done with clear, thin almost invisible trays that go over your teeth.

Second as we age our teeth can move out of proper position which can cause excessive wear, make gum disease worse or cause jaw pain.

Invisalign braces are a quick and easy way to solve all of these problems.  When you come into the office we will take records of your face and bite.  We will take pictures and impressions.  We send these to Invisalign and we have them fabricate a completely customized computer video showing your personalized treatment.  It is a video that shows how your teeth will move over time.

You will return to the office and we will go over your treatment, how long it will take, what the results will look like and the cost.  After the aligners (the clear trays that move the teeth) are fabricated you will come to the office so that we can fit you.  Sometimes we polish in between the teeth to help them slide more easily past each other as they move.  Sometimes we put little invisable fillings on the teeth to help the aligners move them.  These fillings will be removed at the end of treatment.  You will wear the aligners, changing them every week or two as each aligner moves the teeth a small amount until after a few months you will be amazed at the movement of the teeth into their proper position.  Before you know it the teeth will be in proper alignment.  We frequently use the invisalign treatment prior to restoration of teeth, so that they are in proper position to be restored.  After treatment they can be whitened, restored or just enjoyed in their new  proper  position!



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