Caring for your Invisalign trays

More and more people are using clear Invisalign braces rather than traditional metal braces to correct their misaligned teeth.  Some patients for the obvious cosmetic benefits and some for Invisalign's  ability to correct problems with their bite that is causing cracking and chipping of their teeth.  Taking care of your trays will help you get the most out of your treatment. Here are some tips:

First, clean your trays twice a day.  They spend a lot of time in your mouth and so they should be treated just like your teeth.  Take your toothbrush and use a little toothpaste to gently brush the aligners twice a day.  This will keep them clean, odor free and will remove any food build up that accumulates in them.

Second, remove your aligners when you eat.  Sure, you can get by eating with them in a pinch, but it's much better to remove them.  This will keep them cleaner and prevent you damaging them from aggressive chewing while you eat.  If if't possible rinse them and either brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after eating and prior to putting the aligners back in. 

Third, Invisalign has a cleaning solution that you can soak the aligners in once a day if the opportunity presents itself.  If you can't do that soak them in water while you eat and while you brush.  That'll help keep them clean.

Fourth, definitely remove them before you drink something dark.  Either a cola, coffee, tea or dark juices will stain the aligners and if allowed to sit on the aligner before you get to clean them it can stain the aligners.

Following these simple tips will help you get the most out of you Invisalign treatment.  

If you have further questions call the office at 973-736-1777 and we can anwser any question you have.

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